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Why Men Hold Off Getting Married


We have all seen it, very few men are eager to walk down the aisle.  I’m sure you have thought to yourself or talked to many of your girlfriends about it. Why is it that men are so hesitant to commit to marriage? Why do men always seem like they want to wait when it comes to marriage?

There are a couple of reasons why most men are not overly eager to jump on the marriage train.

1) Everybody Man Or Women Wants To Marry The Best Person They Can

It is human nature to find the best (genetically strongest) partner you can.  Women do this and men are no different.  Men want to marry the best woman they can.  They never know when they might run into her.  In fact that super model, who makes lots of money, loves to cook and take care of her man and just so happens to love short funny looking men, might coming walking around that corner any minute.  If the man is married, he will miss that chance.

It may seem silly to you, but in the back of every man’s mind is the possibility that something better could be just around the corner.

2) A Man’s Stock Goes Up As He Gets Older

There are a few things that most women value in men and that is stability, security, maturity and confidence.  Young men do not have any of these qualities. For the most part when it comes to attracting women many younger men are ignored. All young men know, that their value to women will increase as they get older.  As they get a more stable job, start making more money, have a place to live and establish themselves more in life.

If these theories hold true from the man’s point of view, then he is better off waiting.  There is no need for a man to rush into marriage. If he waits until he is more stable and secure in his life, he will be able to attract a better partner.  Committing too soon to marriage will only limit his potential for finding the perfect partner.  Time is on the man’s side when it comes to marriage.

The only time a man will rush into marriage, is if he believes he has found the greatest woman in the entire world and he doesn’t want her to get away.  The great part is any woman can do this.  All she needs to do is show him, that perfect woman he has been waiting for is actually standing right in front of him.  There are specific cues, and ways of talking that will signal to him that the wait is over.  Now he just needs to get her down the aisle before anybody else.

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Paul Wright


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  1. Mark says:

    Sorry, but men wouldn’t get married if society accepted long term cohabitation. Society pressures men into marriage. They do it for women, because men are biologically programmed to do whatever is necessary to mate.

    What semi-intelligent man would enter into a contractual arrangement these days, knowing that over half of marriages end in divorce? Not to mention that women initiate divorce nearly 70% of the time, with the majority being ‘no fault’ divorces.

    Men want to cohabitate, sans the financial and emotional devastation. A long-term relationship is identical to marriage. One has requires an expensive ring, ceremony and divorce court attorney, while the other requires only love and commitment. Guess which one this man is choosing?

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