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Recently I was reading an article about the Russel Brand/Katy Perry divorce. Before you decide to stop reading this article hear me out first. Russel finally decided to open up about the reasons why he decided to file for divorce from the famous pop singer. Apparently the former career partier, recovering drug addict, alcoholic and sex addict had finally reached a point in his life where he no longer wanted to party. Russel Brand finally wanted to settle down with the woman he loved.

Here are the problems that caused the divorce:

1) Settling Down

After years of drinking, drugs, sex and parties, Russel (36 years of age) had come to a point in his life where he realized there was more to life then a good night of hard partying. He wanted to focus on a relationship and start a family.

Katy Perry (27 years of age) however, has not lived the same life as the experienced Russel Brand. At this stage in her life she is very focused on her career and having a good time in the hollywood night life. An idea of having children and settling down were the furthest from her mind.

Now the reason why I tell you this is because when a man is ready to finally settle down, get married and have children he will look for a woman who is ready to settle down as well. If he sees that you are not ready then he will become hesitant to propose, because he won’t want to end up like Russel & Katy.

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2) Two Different Places In Life

A similar problem is that fact that Russel Brand and Katy Perry were in to different places in their life. Brand had experienced everything he ever wanted from drugs, drinking, rampant sex and partying. He had reached a new stage in his life, where he wanted more then just a night of clubbing.

Perry being 9 years Brand’s junior, had not had a chance to live that life, which apparently is something she really wants to do. A relationship is very hard to live with when one partner wants one kind of life and the other wants something different. Obviously these sorts of things should be discussed before you ever think of marriage.

This might be the reason why a boyfriend could be uncertain about putting that ring on your ringer. Perhaps he still wants to party, but that is not something you want anymore or you could be very focused on your career and he wants to have children. There are a million different reasons why the both of you might be at different places in your life, but one thing is for certain until the both of you get on the same page a proposal is probably not in the cards.

What is the best thing to do?

Have an open discussion with him. There is no need to bring up marriage, this conversation should just be about where you both are in life.
* Ask him what he wants in life in the next year and what he wants in the next five years
– What does he want with his career
– where does he want to live
– what kind of lifestyle does he want to have

* Then let him know what you want
* After that all you have to do is compare each others answers and make sure that you are either on the same page or at the very least heading in the same direction. Discover the secrets you need to know on how to get your boyfriend to propose


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