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Valentine’s Day Proposal


Valentine’s Day has come.  A day when a couple is supposed to go that extra mile to show their partner how much you love them.  What way would show you that your partner loves you and cares for you more then anything else, then to have him propose marriage on Valentine’s Day.   It’s true some people might find it a proposal cliche, but if a woman has been waiting years for a proposal this could be the ultimate show of love.

What happens when another Valentine’s Day comes around and the woman receives another bouquet of roses, some cheap chocolates and a hallmark card.  She might become a little frustrated, bitter, resentful or angry.  Maybe she might become a bit of all.  Who can blame her, after being so patient and perhaps putting in so much more thought into her Valentine’s gift then he did. To go another year without a proposal can drive a woman mad.

Before you go mad and start yelling at him, first consider this:

You Can Not Blame Him For Your Feelings

All your feelings come from you.  He can not make you upset, you make yourself upset.  You become upset because he didn’t do what you wanted him to do.  Just because you may have wanted him to propose on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean he will.  To become angry about that is like becoming angry that the world does not spin in the direction you want.

If you start yelling and screaming at him because he didn’t propose not only will you ruin your Valentine’s Day, you are going to scare him off from ever wanting to propose to you.  Men don’t see that you are upset about not being proposed too, they see that the subject of marriage gets you upset.  What do they do in the future, just avoid any subject or idea of marriage because it will just get you upset.

What Kind Of Gift Did You Give Him

Men want and need romance just like women do. If you want your man to know you love him and you want to get married, then you have to show him.  Many of Valentine’s Day have men creating elaborate dates, but receiving nothing in return.  Men get two messages from that:

1) His entire relationship is probably going to be him putting in effort and receiving nothing back. What man wants to be with a selfish woman?

2) She probably doesn’t care that much.  Why would a man propose to a woman that doesn’t care?

Other Valentine’s see a man receiving flowers, chocolates and mixed tapes with different love songs.  Men are not women, we need to be romanced in different ways.  Giving your boyfriend, flowers and love songs for Valentine’s just shows him that you don’t really know him.  Again a man will not propose to a woman that doesn’t know him.

If Your Boyfriend Gives You Nothing

Before you get upset, take some time to calm down. Then sit down with him and in a very calm manner explain to him why you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and why it upset you that he did not think of you on such a special day.  Explain to him your feelings, don’t blame him for them.

When a man receives the type of love and affection that he craves and needs in a relationship that is what will help to speed up his decision to propose. This may not cause him to propose on Valentine’s Day, but it will get his mind focused on that goal.  If you want to learn how to convince your boyfriend to propose go here ===> How To Get Him To Propose


Paul Wright


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