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My Cousin’s Wedding


Last weekend my cousin had a beautiful wedding to her boyfriend of 2 years.  It was a Big Fat Greek wedding, with lots of people, food and dancing.  It was really nice to see and I hope my cousin and her new husband will have all the happiness in the world.

The funny thing about the wedding was my brother was asked to MC the reception and the bride and groom asked that the time allocated to the speeches be limited to only 20 minutes.  That doesn’t mean 20 minutes for each person, they only wanted 20 minutes for all the speeches.  When my brother told them this was unrealistic, they conceded and felt 25 minutes would be more realistic.  Well after all the heartfelt speeches had been completed, the total time had run into the 2 hour range. Hopefully it didn’t throw off their plans too much.

Long gone are the days when the father of the bride, best man and groom speaks.  Now everybody seems to want to have a speech at a wedding these days.  At this wedding the father of the bride, best man, two maids of honor, a good friend of the bride, a good friend of the groom, a few friends of the family, and some single people shopping for potential mates all had a chance behind the microphone.

There was one speech that made a really good point and that was by the father of the groom.  He said “Love is when a man and woman become one.  The trouble starts when you try to figure out which one.”

I really liked that because I do see that a lot in current relationships.  In the beginning everybody is madly in love and happy that they are one with their partner.  Then as time goes on, people try to figure out who they are in the relationship and start trying to re-establish a new identity and want their partner to mold into this identity.  Its the forcing a partner into a new identity that they never signed up for.  Keep an eye out for this because forcing a man into a new identity is not something he is going to like.  If he asked you to marry him, its because he is happy with the way things are now!  Change that and he might not be so happy.

One good idea that my cousin had was to have the wedding cake made into cupcakes, so they wouldn’t have to cut the cake.  Everybody could just take a cupcake and better yet have different options chocolate or vanilla, depending on what people like.


Paul Wright


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