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Men can become very hesitant when it comes to marriage because of certain marriage nightmares that keep them awake at night.  While we may not experience these nightmares personally, this does not stop us from seeing these nightmares first hand with friends, family members and even on tv.  I have decided to release these nightmares that swim around deep down in a man’s subconscious mind that can prevent him from proposing marriage.

The first thing you must understand about men is that a Man loves a woman for who they are now.  If a man is with you then he really does like you for who you are, inside and out.  Exactly how you are! While you may see flaws all over your body, he sees perfection.  With that said men are constantly afraid of what their partner might turn into, especially when that ring is put on her finger.

As people get older we change and grow, but some people transform into a completely different person all together.  Sometimes it can be for the better, other times it is for the worst.  Its the fear a woman may turn into a complete nightmare that scares men. A prime example of a marriage nightmare is Kate Gosselin from the tv show Jon and Kate plus eight.  While I am not saying Jon is completely innocent within the relationship,  Kate’s behavior towards Jon is some of the worst I have ever seen.

Kate would yell, scream, nag and continuously treat Jon like a child.  In fact by the end of the show, I don’t think I ever saw her talk to him in a civil manner.  There was even one moment when it was just the two of them talking to the camera and Kate spazzes at Jon for breathing.  How a person can get upset over someone else breathing is beyond me, but she did.

Kate showed him little to no respect and emasculated him continuously.  Then Kate is shocked when Jon filed for divorce. I’m sure when Kate and Jon were dating she was a very nice sweet woman, but eventually over time with 8 children, stress from work and life in general she slowly turned into a nagging, annoying, whining, crying, hag!  Everything a man fears a woman will turn into when he marries her.

This isn’t an isolated incident, as stated on MSN.com “It takes a certain kind of charmer to get fired off a show before it even begins, and that’s just what happened to Kate Gosselin (aka the most obnoxious woman on television). Tapped as a potential co-host for a “View” style talk show called “Momlogic,” Gosselin alienated the producers with her unpleasant public behavior (including her split from husband Jon) and got axed in the process. Sadly, this setback didn’t keep her off TV: we had to endure her on “Dancing with the Stars” (where she allegedly pushed to have her pro partner fired, despite the fact that he carried her dead weight through each weekly routine).”

As I said before, everybody changes with time, but since a man loves you for who you are now, he truly hopes that you will still somewhat resemble the person he fell in love with 40 years from now.  This is one of the reasons guys like to date for longer periods of time, because we want to see how much you will change personality wise over a few years.  If a bad change is significant then that means you have the potential to become a Kate.  I know that marriage should be about loving that person, but no man in his right mind wants to end up with a Kate.  If you want to get married to your boyfriend you have to put his mind at ease that you will never ever become a Kate.  Learn the steps you need to know to Get Your Boyfriend To Marry You


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