Why Men Marry

Despite popular belief, men do want to get married. Discover what men need in order to take the next step into marriage with a woman.

How To Get Him To Propose

Listen to men reveal secrets that most men never want women to ever hear about how to get their boyfriend to go down on one knee and propose marriage to them

The Women Men Marry

Learn about the types of women men desperately want to marry and the types of women men will never even consider marrying

Recently I was reading an article about the Russel Brand/Katy Perry divorce. Before you decide to stop reading this article hear me out first. Russel finally decided to open up about the reasons why he decided to file for divorce from the famous pop singer. Apparently the former career partier, recovering drug addict, alcoholic and [...]


Searching For Mom

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Men want to marry their moms.  I’m sure you have heard that phrase before.  However, the reasons why men want to marry their mothers and why women believe they do, differ greatly.  Many women believe the reason is because men want to be babied and pampered their whole lives. For some men this is definitely [...]

There is one common complaint that I hear from many of my married friends.  I won’t lie, I have even experienced this myself in past relationship.  Nothing in this world can feel more frustrating then when one of the partners is not pulling their weight.  I know I have said this before and I will [...]

I once heard a saying “Women marry when they are in love, Men marry when the time is right” I think it is very simplified by for the most part its true.  I hear from women all the time saying that they love their boyfriends and their boyfriends say they love them in return, but [...]


No Fun; No Proposal

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I once dated a girl who was all about achieving.  She had been a top of her class student all the way, and had immense career prospects.  She was involved in a number of causes and community groups and was clearly going to change the world.  I, on the other hand, was an adequate achiever [...]


Don’t Be A Bitch

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I was reading an article the other day where a woman advised women everywhere that the way to get men to commit to them was to be a bitch. I have to say that in my experience, no guy wants to marry that kind of woman. In fact, that usually kills a relationship rather than [...]


Extravagant Proposals

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“When my boyfriend proposes, I want it to be somewhere special, like Paris or on top of the Empire State building.”  “I want my man to do something exciting and surprising when he proposes, like having a skydiver deliver the ring!”  “I hope my partner hires Brad Pitt to propose on his behalf…”  Okay, so [...]

Here is a comment I received from a man who read my article Why Men Hold Off Getting Married.  Here is what he had to say about marriage: Mark Sorry, but men wouldn’t get married if society accepted long term cohabitation. Society pressures men into marriage. They do it for women, because men are biologically [...]


One Reason Why Men Marry

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I know that marriage is supposed to be about falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.  Therefore, if your boyfriend loves you he should automatically want to marry you.  Well I’m here to tell you, love is only one of the reasons why men get [...]

The reason workmen always put tape or barriers around fresh cement is simple: anything that happens to that cement will be permanent.  If a cheeky kid writes their name or an inattentive jogger steps in it then it will forever bear that shape.  So workers are very careful about the way they leave their projects, [...]