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I once heard a saying “Women marry when they are in love, Men marry when the time is right”

I think it is very simplified by for the most part its true.  I hear from women all the time saying that they love their boyfriends and their boyfriends say they love them in return, but there is no sign of a marriage proposal.  I have loved a few women, but love is not enough to get me to marry a woman.  In fact I have had ex-girlfriends try to trick me into proposing to them, but a man needs more then love to make him want to propose.  While there are a number of factors, there are two key ones I want to focus on of this article.

1) A man will usually hold off until the time is right.  Most men will not propose to a woman when they are down on their luck.  A man feels like if he can not provide for and protect the woman he loves then he shouldn’t get married.  Its just not the right time.  If a man can not handle or take care of his own life, how will he be able to take care of the woman he loves.  In fact, marriage is just a constant reminder how he is not good enough.

If you love this man, he treats you the way you deserve, and you want a future with him don’t give up on him.  All he needs is to be in a place where he feels like he can protect you and provide for you.  Telling him that, that doesn’t matter to you, will not resolve this problem.  The only way you can overcome this situation is by getting him on his feet and in a position in life where he feels like he can be that kind of man for you.  Saying “I support you no matter what” doesn’t mean anything with a man.  You need to roll up your sleeves and give him the physical support that he needs.

If he is lacking sales for his new company, get out there and get him some new clients.  If he is spending all his time working on tiny side jobs instead of focusing on growing his business, take over doing some of those smaller jobs.  He isn’t happy with his job, redo his resume and show it to him so he can see how you see him and how proud you are of his accomplishments.  Most guys undersell themselves on resumes especially when they are feeling down.  A great self esteem booster is when he sees how you truly see him.  Once he is feeling confident, throw down some jobs that would be perfect for him. He needs to go back to school, but isn’t sure how he can get by, if he reduces the number of hours at work while he goes to school.

This brings me to my second point of what a man needs to get married, its true the right time is essential, but I hope you can tell he also needs a partner in life.

2) A Life Partner.  Most men understand that love tends to fade, and during rough patches love tends to evaporate.  What a man needs to see is that the woman they are with will be a partner.  A man has a ingrained desire to provide for and protect his wife, will she give him the physical support he needs to be the man he needs to be.

A marriage is about two people coming together and moving through life as one.  If a woman is only focused on her life, her job, her appearance, her hobbies, etc.  Then he is going to feel a little reluctant to want to commit to marriage, because when a rough patch hits your lives will you give him the support he needs or will you leave him.  A woman saying “I support you no matter what honey” mean nothing to a man.  He needs to see the physical support to understand you are his life partner.  To learn more about how you can show him you are the one.


Paul Wright