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One Reason Why Men Marry

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I know that marriage is supposed to be about falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.  Therefore, if your boyfriend loves you he should automatically want to marry you.  Well I’m here to tell you, love is only one of the reasons why men get married.

One of the big reasons why men marry is because the person they are with is an amazing partner. Let’s look at some of the things that make up a good life partner for a man:

  • A partner is someone that works with them to create a life. A future that they both can enjoy and look forward to living each and every day.  Not just someone who is pretty and believes they are special.  There are lots of beautiful women in this world and everybody is special because we are all unique.  At least that is what they taught us in elementary school.
  • Someone who supports him no matter what.  Its easy to find a person who is willing to support someone during the good times.  Ask yourself, you would be willing to stay and support him, If he lost his job, had no income and was completely bankrupt?  Would you be willing to support him both financially and emotionally?
  • Are you a calming, relaxing and loving environment to be around?  Work is a constant source of stress, so coming home to you is supposed to be a calm environment where he can re-energize for the next day.  If you are a constant emotional roller coaster, that is a complete drain on him, there is a large chance he will not marry you.
  • Do you help to make his life easier? Do you give him the support and helping hand he needs to achieve his goals? This does not mean he should not help and support you, but you need to look at whether you really give him the helping hand he needs.  The simplest way to do this is to look at whether his life is easier with you in it or if it is easier for him to be single. Would he have more money in his account without you?  Would he have more time to focus on his business, hobbies or the things he really enjoys?  Would he be less stressed?

These are just a few of the factors that make up a good partner and will influence him to look at marriage more seriously.  There is one thing I continuously hear in every speech a successful man gives and that is “I would not be where I am, if it was not for my loving wife.”  Love didn’t help to get the man to where he is. It was the fact that his loving wife was an amazing partner who helped support him in doing what he needed to do to succeed.  She was that extra helping hand that he needed.  She was the partner in life, that he had been looking for.

Partnership is something every man looks for and needs in a marriage. Learn how to talk to your boyfriend about getting married


Paul Wright


The Cementing Principle Of Marriage

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The reason workmen always put tape or barriers around fresh cement is simple: anything that happens to that cement will be permanent.  If a cheeky kid writes their name or an inattentive jogger steps in it then it will forever bear that shape.  So workers are very careful about the way they leave their projects, knowing that this is the final form they want it to take.

Relationships are a the same when they cross that threshold into marriage.  Whatever things look like beforehand, they will probably resemble after, just more set that way.  If you find your man is not one to clean up after himself, that will not magically change with a ring on his finger.  Similarly, if you are a compulsive tidier, the chances are that you will still be following him around with a laundry hamper in ten years’ time.  Whatever patterns and behaviors have been established in your relationship and lives during the dating years will continue after the wedding, and quite possibly not just solidify but strengthen.

This means that you might want to look long and hard at how you and your prospective mate deal with these little issues between you, before they become serious sore spots.  While it may be cute at first that he is always rushing to iron a shirt before work in the morning, it won’t take many months for the novelty to wear off and it to become a source of frustration.  If something like this looks like it could become a point of conflict, it is better to address it sooner rather than later.  By and large, people don’t take well to being asked to change, least of all men.  So dealing with these ‘little things’ may not be easy.  That’s when you need to consider if they are going to be deal breakers, because once the cement sets, you have to live with it.

The other thing to consider is how flexible you are willing to be.  It’s a two-way street, the process of negotiating and accepting change.  If you are aware of habits and foibles you have that rub your partner up the wrong way, imagine the exponential frustration increase that five, ten or twenty years of it may cause.  Then consider whether you are willing to try to modify your own behavior to make life together easier.

Relationships are an ongoing work of communication and compromise.  However, once you commit to marrying, you are accepting the person ‘as is’ in many ways.  It’s not to say they can’t change, but it may be too late to discover that the one habit you can’t live with is the one that they can’t live without.  Be very careful that the cement sets in a shape you can spend the rest of your life with.  Learn what must know before trying to get your boyfriend to marry you


Dan Kelly