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Stress The Secret Relationship Killer

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One of the biggest reasons a guy might not propose is because of all the stress in his life.  Stress is a silent killer that slowly eats away at the growth of a relationship.  When your boyfriend spends more time worrying about his stress (wherever it may come from) and less time about you then this can definitely halt any plans for a proposal.  The problem is a proposal is the last thing on his mind because he is constantly thinking about his problems.

What can you do to reduce the stress so he will realize that you are a woman he should spend the rest of his life with:

1) Affection is one of the best stress reduces.  This is a very hard job, so only do it if you know you are up for the task. Different forms of affection that can reduce stress:

  • Hugs – make sure you give your man a hug each morning before you leave for work and each evening you see each other after work.
  • Pet Name – give your man a pet name that only you call him in private.  Once he hears you call him that name, he will know he is in a safe place
  • Kisses – Give your partner soft gentle kisses, just to let him know that you are close at hand
  • Massage – Nothing reduces the stress and tension in a man’s body like receiving a massage from their partner

Its these affectionate moments that will remind him that no matter how much stress he has in his life, there is always a safe place where he can forget all about his stress.

2) Sit down with your man and talk about a way to work through the stressor is possible. Don’t overwhelm him, just let him know you want to help.  Once you have come up with a plan, put it into action and help him execute it.  Remember talk is cheap, but when he actually sees you helping him to get rid of his stress, it can only draw him closer to you. The point of this experience is to show him that not only do you love him and support him, but when push comes to shove you will help him through those tough times.  That he can count on you to be there for him.  He will realize that he needs you in his life.  Show him with your actions how much you care.  Discover the different factors that can stop him from realizing you are the one


Paul Wright


A Proposal Is Only The Beginning

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I will never forget a good friend approaching me at our wedding reception.  He shook my hand and congratulated me earnestly, then he stepped close.  Still gripping my hand he looked me in the eye and said, “Now comes the hard part.”

He was right.  There is a danger that once you have a ring on your finger, you might think you have crossed the finish line and all the hard work is over.  However, if you want the marriage to last, quite the opposite is true.  Getting married is not graduation day; it’s the first semester of your freshman year.  It is the start of building a life together, of investing in a relationship that will be robust enough to handle the realities of living with another person, day in and day out.

Dating is about making a good impression; flirting, wooing, enticing and seducing.  However, after your first really good illness, when you are disheveled and exhausted and he is doing double duty to keep the house running and an income coming in, your bedroom eyes won’t cut it.  There will be no more mystery.  So if you stopped trying to build real intimacy when you left the altar, there will be precious little to fall back on.

Instead of a destination, think of your marriage as the journey.  Everything that went before was simply the preparation; packing your bags to see if you were ready to go.  Now you have set out, you will see how well you prepared and how the two of you can improvise what you need to keep going.  But if you want to stop and sit on your pack and expect him to carry you, it won’t last long.  What you need to do instead is two-fold.

First, keep improving yourself.  He fell in love with who you were and where you were going, probably because it was a similar direction to his.  Keep becoming that person, growing as an individual.  It will help him respect you, and provide those moments of delight for you both as you discover new facets to who you are.

Second, keep investing in him.  He still wants to be flirted with, seduced and fawned over occasionally.  The ring he gave you isn’t magical – it is a symbol of what he saw and felt.  It stands for his choice of you over anyone else; keep reminding him why, and that you chose him similarly.

I have been married for over fifteen years now and one of the key things my wife and I can point to in our relationship is our commitment to keeping it going.  It’s not just a bloody-minded determination to stay together.  It is a heartfelt resolve to keep making it better, by building on what we saw all those years ago.  We have our dull patches and our dreary days, but they are part of a much bigger patchwork which is vivid with the colours of love, generosity, affection and more than a little effort.  What’s more, we look forward to many more years to come.  And the best part?  As we live and love this way, it just keeps getting better.


Dan Kelly

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